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By Ferry: To the nearby Greek island of Corfu (New Port). The daily ferryboats are at 10:30; 13:00 and 16:30 (fewer out of season – check with the ticket office at the port). The 10:30 passage is a hydrofoil which takes about 45 minutes. The 16:30 is a car ferry. Corfu is one hour ahead of Albania.

By Car: It is reached from other parts of Albania by two important routes: 1. From Vlore it goes through Riviera or “Bregu” (a line of picturesque, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches and villages; Bregu is the summer hostel of the country Prime Minister and President) 2. From Gjrokaster to Tepelene, Fier and Tirana.

By Bus: From Tirana to Saranda can be travelled with the bus lines, taxi vans or taxies. The are two itineraries: Tirana-Durres-Fieri-Vlora-Dhermi-Saranda or Tirana-Durresi-Fieri-Mallakastra-Tepelena-Gjirokastra-Saranda. If you travel through Riviera (the first) you should pay more attention as the way is narrow. Albanians from Kosovo and Macedonia follow this itinerary to reach Saranda: Strufe-Qafe Thana-Librazhd-Elbasani-Rrogozhina-Fier and so on. The tourists, who come here from Greece, reach the border of Kakavi in two ways: from Ioannina and Gumenitsa.

By Plane: from Athine to Ioannina, and then the roadway from Janina to Kakavi takes around 40 minutes by bus or taxi. When you reach Kakavi, you follow this itinerary: Kakavi-Gjirokaster-Jergucat-Qafe e Muzines-Sarande. Though Qafe-Bota, the itinerary is Igoumenitsa-Qafe Bote-Sarande, but the roadway is narrower.

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